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Hello there! There’s a lot of reasons why you want to join my Creative Stampers Team and today, I’d like to share a few of them with you…well, more than a few 🙂 I also have a lovely card that I made for you that is in the quarterly magazine, Stampin’ Success, exclusive to Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators that is packed full of workshops, classes, tips, tricks, hints and help, for 3 months. You received feedback from other demonstrators helping you to overcome a struggle you might have, losing your MOJO, general business building, a great read for inspiration for hobby and business demonstrators. Not only that, we have an awesome back end where Stampin’ Up! informs you months in advance of upcoming specials, promotions, the whole enchilada, so you can plan and prepare. This is all information in the Stampin’ Success Magazine alone and there’s so much more to the back end with the business tools offered to you. Stampin’ Up! makes everything very easy for you, especially those with a family and outside career, but also want to finance their habit too. It’s completely doable with Stampin’ Up!

Please feel free to use the Contact Me form above and I’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions or walk you through anything. It’s what I do; support you, encourage you, provide guidance, and everything I can do to help you succeed, regardless of how you choose to run your business. I can help you pick products that are cost-effective for you, yet enough to build your business. My hobbyists receive the same if they choose to do so. No pressure. It’s all about you.

I also have very a special gift for you when you join my team! Take a look.

  1. For every new Creative Stampers Team member, you will receive an additional $250 in Stampin’ Up! products from me, as well as other promotions you are eligible for when you sign up. You always benefit.
  2. Support and encouragement from a seasoned and experienced Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, me!
  3. Opportunity and growth. The sky is the limit. You can earn an incentive trip and/or just enjoy the discount.

The Stampin’ Success Magazine focuses on several products and offers out-of-the-box ideas on how to incorporate them. Especially helpful is new, innovative products that are not on the mainstream market, to guide you how to use them with more inspiration. I definitely count on this magazine a lot and learn an incredible amount of information.

So, let’s chat about you joining my team. This is what I can offer you and how to work the system for maximum benefits and that is invaluable to you. I will also teach you to familiarize yourself with the back end of Stampin’ Up! and we work together to get you up and running as a business or hobby. It’s always your choice without commitment.


  1. For $99 you chose up to $125 of Stampin’ Up! products for your kit, which is a $26 savings to you. Products in the kit can be from any current catalog. Your starter kit always ships for free saving you another 10%.
  2. FREE and discounted pricing on more of your favorite Stampin’ Up! products that are already at a discount and you also earn Stampin’ Rewards, which are points or a cash value discount code for an additional percentage to be taken off your order. On the point system, there is a wide variety of products that you can choose from that are exclusive to demonstrators and they are so awesome!
  3. Preview and pre-order your favorite new products a month in advance, which I absolutely love and can start playing with my new big girl toys immediately. What a great benefit! Not only that, the Annual Catalog pre-order period starts on May 1; Holiday Catalog pre-order starts on August 1; Occasions Catalog pre-order starts on December 1.
  4. There’s always the opportunity to earn extra income and FREE products. It’s all up to you.
  5. Take a test drive to check out Stampin’ Up! From the time you join my team through the end of the Stampin’ Up! quarter (Jan-Mar; April-June; July-Sept; Oct-Dec), you can try us out with the demonstrator benefits and discounts. July is the start of a quarter and considered partial as we start to approach mid-month, so you would have until December 31, 2017, to reach your first $300 in sales by the end of the first full Stampin’ Up! quarter.
  6. There’s never a penalty to drop. If you reach your first $300 in sales by December 31, 2017, your demonstrator discounts and benefits remain intact for another quarter. Basically, it’s $100 a month. We all know we can drop that much in a craft store without thinking twice about it. It’s like going to Target for ONE thing and walk out with 6 bags of stuff completely forgetting the ONE item you needed in the first place! You know I’m right.
  7. Most of all, do this for you! Have fun, get to know new people, network, make some extra money, great discount benefits, the opportunity to earn some extremely awesome FREE trips all over the world to exotic places, like Thailand, which was last year’s incentive trip. There are also OnStage events held everywhere throughout the year and there’s always one close to you. I’ve been to Convention before and it was awesome. We swapped card fronts, which  I need to get started on, networking, the experience of visiting a new place, the tax write-off and so much more. There is absolutely no obligation to host workshops or parties, sell products to others or personally purchase anything beyond the kit. Nothing. You can be your own best customer if you choose to and still receive the same discounts and benefits as business demonstrators. Stampin’ Up! does not differentiate between hobby or business demonstrators. Your kit. Your way. Join today. Click on the image at the beginning of the blog post or below. I look forward to working with you!

Now, onto my card inspired by Stampin’ Success. Very easy, looks beautiful, gorgeous color combination, very little time to make with stunning results. There are more pictures below and a complete supply list for you to purchase any of these products if you would like.





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