Fall Into Savings With Paper Pumpkin 50% Off w/ Video + Life Update

Hello there! Today I have some pretty exciting news for you. If you sign up for Paper Pumpkin with me, your first month will be 50% off! For a fantastic monthly kit that’s already under $20 per month with an incredible amount of products and the same amount of leftovers that can be used on products, like I do ALL OF THE TIME, you simply can’t beat this deal. There are always what we call “alternative” project that you can make too outside of the directions supplied for you inside your beautifully wrapped kit. It’s like opening up a present every single month and it’s fun. Who doesn’t like opening up a present to see the surprise inside?

I’ve talked about how popular the 1″ ink cubes are and this is also the perfect way to build your cubes without manually having to purchase them and ink them up. There’s always the stamp set leftover and an incredible amount of embellishments. I’m working off and out of sequin packs that I’ve had for a few years still. It’s awesome! I use the Stampin’ Up! cases to store my Paper Pumpkin leftovers. I will label the stamp set and usually try to keep them separated out by month. That was getting a bit time consuming with organizing, labeling, finding a place to store; so, I really tried to mentally streamline it by putting all of the directions, which has a list of everything you receive in every single kit, into one of our binders or you can hole punch the top and put it on a large jump ring, label on the stamp sets with the month/date/name and put those into a large case – very easy to do as they are usually 3 x 4 and actually perfect for our smallest clear plastic bags…but I’m getting away ahead of myself now in my thinking and most assuredly confusing you! Anyhow, the embellishments come in a little sealable bag that you can use a Sharpie on to write the month/date/name on it, etc. Sounds great! The only one I really stick to is putting the instruction brochure into one of our binders after I hole punched it on the left and at least I keep them in order. The stamp set and the rest of the leftovers (all unlabeled) are thrown into this big Longaberger basket that I go riffling through if I can’t find the right whatever and I’m at my wit’s end. I can grab the basket, shove everything to the side that’s already on my desk to find that 1 sq ft of space to dump the basket out and see what I have. This works out very well for me. If I don’t get around to putting the instruction brochures into the binder for like 6 months, I have a giant gold paperclip that will hold them together and look pretty as I toss them into my overflowing inbox(ES).

If you wish to sign up, please visit me HERE. As always, you will receive my Card Kit of the Month and everything else I do for my valued customers!

Now for the “life update” part – For those of you who are waiting on the latest round of destash items, they are all out and gone. I had help. First week, I had 4 levels of my spine fried on both sides and the next week (this week) Monday at about 3 am, my aunt had a massive left-brain stroke with a brain bleed and shunt. It was that bad. The right facial droop was immediate according to my uncle and she was airlifted almost a few hundred miles away to a Neurological NICU. Needless to say, nobody was expecting this. What flipped us out the most is that she just turned 65 and also got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 4ish years or so ago, which, of course, they kept to theirselves until another relative spent a few days with them and ratted it out. I felt like I had to back my uncle into a corner and pull his teeth to spill it, but in his defense, he was simply respecting the decision that he made with his wife. We do need to know though. We’re a little spread out and there’s a lot of us and every one of us would be a lot more conscious about spending more time with her, which we should be doing anyway, but life, and you know the rest, and it’s just hard, but you have to do what you have to do and that’s rearranging priorities. I have been a lot lately myself and have a set amount of hours a day that I’m going to conduct business and that’s pretty much it. I’m not going to be a slave to my phone either. I can’t anyway since I constantly lose it and that Find Your iPhone App is pretty useless in your house. One time, the dog got it and somehow got it under my car in the garage. True story. Anyhow, do I have adult onset ADD or what? I think faster than I type and I’m an easy 125 minimum wpm. I remember my highest being 141 back in the day. I’ve slowed down. At least I aim for it, but I’m seeing results, even while destashing and packing. Back to my auntie, she’s only 12 years older than I am and has always been the big sister I never had and our relationship has always been like that. Her and daddy were also very close too, so this really hits home and hits hard. I also know my dad is mixed in too since I never really got a chance to mourn him or have closure due to the below. I still haven’t seen dad’s stone and it’s been 4 years. I don’t know if it’s just that generation or what that they don’t tell you what’s up medically. I think totally different with 12 years between us. I think she got it from Gram. I know she got it from Gram. That’s exactly what Gram has done. Is it because they don’t want to be a burden? Think they can handle it on their own? What? I don’t know, but a sign of strength is being able to ask for help when you need it and those who truly love you will always be there for you, no matter what it takes. There is no justification for dehumanizing another person.

I have a major craft destash going on, and I do mean major, like 90% of my stuff. I listen to videos for the noise when I’m crafting because I do live alone and it’s mainly craft room tours. I am so blown away by how much stuff some people have and Michelle Short of The Card Grotto, she’s my idol. Best craft room ever! It’s so small but she’s so organized. She says that she has a lot of stuff, but I don’t think so at all. Maybe it’s because she’s so incredibly organized. That lady knows how to make what she has work for her. I want her to come over to my house so bad. Speaking of which, I gotta get a friend to turn my 4 x 6 craft island and some other stuff. I’m preparing for a move and everything that comes and goes with that. I have that down to a science and can do it comatose, considering I’ve lived all over the country, but it’s still a lot of work. The payoff will be priceless. You can’t buy peace of mind or happiness, but you can have it when you know it’s time to leave. I had to threaten it in order to end a 5-year bloodbath. I didn’t have a choice. I’ve got some time, not a lot, but enough. This has to be done wisely, cost-effective, extremely well-planned, thought out and executed on my own. I’m used to that. I can’t wait to start my life and I’m excited!

I’ve been ferociously bombarded with thousands of pages of documents to read that has elicited almost every emotion that a person could have, within reason, of course; that has ironically ended up being the 2nd best thing that I’ve ever done for myself in my life. Who else knows better what to look for than me? I’ve been doing that for a year now. I honestly liken this to a Book of Revelation(s). I can’t make my mind up about the ‘s’ of whether I like it or not yet. I trust my gut and instincts. They don’t let me down. You should never trip over your own rope.

Today I discovered my ISP email @comcast.net stopped working enough to generate a 1422 email backlog to January 2017 that had me contemplating hyperventilating because I missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime that I have been waiting years for and I will be gladly and gracefully groveling on Monday to work with the company…who will end up reading this blog post and I’ll hit Publish anyway. Just keeping it real folks and I think that’s what I miss a lot is the interaction I used to have with the comments on my blog. I still get them, but the interaction goes to personal messaging or something unless it’s a super sanitized comment because of the above!

It will all be over with no later than August 23. No more bondage, shackles, trapped. This is awesome. I’m going to officially declare it a personal holiday and so it is. If it’s over earlier, I will change the date. I can do that. It’s my holiday.

And then I get to know me again and life, and can be goofy if I want and publish comments that jokingly refer to me as “crazy” because of a technique I did that was literally glitter crazy, but it would have been thrown in my face and used against me that I was mentally crazy. That’s what I’ve been dealing with since I was 24, but on steroids for the past 5 years.

I hope I haven’t thoroughly depressed you too much. My most sincerest apologies. I don’t have to fake it anymore or anything and I’m already feeling the weight lift, but I have a lot of work to do for the next week. I’ll do my best to share a card with you that I made a few weeks ago and have a video for it. I just need to do the edit and VO. I have an adorable little beach bunny card I made, I think a bag I’m looking at, but would need to hunt measurements up, fun stuff. In the meantime, I will do some pre-posting and sharing new Stampin’ Up! stuff with you. Did you love that Merry Little Christmas Suite or what? Olive and Basic Black are such masculine colors, but the way they designed everything was nothing short of brilliant. I’m dying to rip into my stuff! Even if I CASE something for 10 minutes from the catalog, I would be happy. Then I shall stop writing now and do just that.

Now that everything is off my shoulders, thank you so very much for stopping by today to visit me. I hope that you have a fantastic weekend and God bless!

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