Stampin’ Up! Colorful Seasons, Tuscan Vineyard CAS Tuesday Card + Process Video

Clean & Simple Tuesday

Hello there! Welcome to the Cindy B Designs Clean and Simple Tuesday Series. Today’s card features the lovely Tuscan Vineyard stamp set that was carried over from last year’s annual catalog, along with the new and wildly popular Colorful Seasons Photopolymer Bundle.

This clean and simple masculine card has a touch of girly to it with the Victorian Lace ribbon allowing the card be used for any occasion. If you wanted a purely masculine card, I would swap out the Victorian Lace ribbon for our Linen Thread.

The images in Tuscan Vineyard, while they are very dense, you can clearly see the detail. This would be an excellent image to take your Stamp ‘N Write Markers to direct color onto the clear mount rubber stamp or a messy watercolor. You could also heat emboss the image to help you create “wells” to contain your watercolor for a variety of options. The images in the Tuscan Vineyard stamp set are so incredibly and densely detailed that you can see every single image in the oval scene. The inside of the card is also beautiful enough to be the outside too. I love it when my cards play nice together in the sandbox. Of course, that is up to me, but it’s nice when it happens and you don’t really plan too much and are flying by the seat of your pants.

I chose to keep this card clean with 2 neutrals and 1 color, when it’s usually the other way around of having 2 colors and 1 neutral for balance. This card still turned out lovely and the inside ties in and coordinates perfectly with the outside of the card and envelope. Even though the Crumb Cake Seam Binding is retired, you all know how I feel about using “retired” products that I believe will benefit me in the future – this is one of those instances. The seam binding is subtle enough to where it doesn’t take over the card; it adds to the card. The Victorian Lace ribbon completely enhances the card, draws out the seam binding a bit more and breaks the sentiment and image up, and that’s exactly what I wanted the ribbon to do. Any additional embellishments would have taken away from the simple beauty of the card. I really had a hard time not using my stitch detail around the image panel as I usually do or adding machine stitching to the card. A little blade edge distressing with ink would have looked nice too and gives you some ideas as to how to jazz up an otherwise very CAS card. However, I’m very pleased overall with the end result and have a beautiful card to send to a friend as surprise happy mail.

Check out the inside of the card above. How cool is that? It could be the outside too. I love it when I can pull that off to where the inside is just as fabulous as the outside and I’ve really been working at this, and coordinating envelopes too. Everything is already out all over the place, so why not? I do leave the sentiment out on the inside at times so I can quickly customize a card in a jif on the spot, but you can still have the envelope and inside panel ready to go.

I do have a process video for you today to show you just how easy this is. This sketch is basic and can be used for a variety of different presentations. I also managed to set up the new camcorder tripod and arm again. It looks like a hot mess and I really need to get this ceiling mounted. It’s driving me crazy. I’m getting there. However, I added music and transitions  today! That’s a big deal to me! I just need to take the time to insert the name of the video into the “intro” and always continue to improve. I’m really excited to be honest with you. And Stampin’ Up! sent me a ton of new products today too! I’m even more excited to organize and start playing with the beautiful new innovative products. I almost can’t wait for winter so I can be cooped up to play. Happy Birthday to me!  I can’t emphasize how much I absolutely love the new catalog and you will too, promise.

If you are in the United States and would like a catalog, please click on the Contact Me link above in the Nav Bar and let me know what you would like. There is always information on the right sidebar of my blog to go directly to my online boutique to shop 24/7 from the convenience of your home. All of my customers receive a useful Thank You gift with a $50 purchase before shipping and taxes…and everybody always gets happy mail from the handmade card that you will receive in the mail from me.


I would like to be able to offer any and all of my readers a birthday card or any kind of card that you request for yourself. I can only do this for US recipients and do apologize for that. International shipping at this point in time is cost prohibitive for me and I am praying that changes within the month. It’s so important to be kind when you have the opportunity. I know too many mothers who were/are forgotten about on Mother’s Day, their birthday, Christmas, you name it; equal opportunity holiday heartbreak. Nobody deserves that under any circumstances and if there’s a little something that I can do, please let me know a few weeks in advance so you will always have something to open up on your special day. Despite being a wonderful mom and doing what you can to raise your kids to be respectful and kind people, that doesn’t always work out and it’s absolutely no reflection upon you or your parenting skills whatsoever. When your kids are old enough to make adult decisions and choose not to make the right one that hurts you and/or others, yeah, you’re going to hurt and it’s a tough cookie to swallow, but you always must remember that it’s their choice and is no reflection on you personally. I do understand how bad it feels if your child refuses to take 5 minutes to write something nice on a piece of notebook paper and put it in the mail for you. We make pretty cards. We also don’t care what anything from the heart looks like that our kids give us. That’s better than a million dollars. When my kids were little, they liked to make my father the most adorable handmade whatever. When dad passed away, I was going through his belongings to move them out of his house, I came across so many of the precious gifts from the heart that my kids made my dad. He really cherished them. I decided to keep them and hang them up in my home. Dad somehow even came across my Snoopy with a tennis racket keychain that I had in high school. That was a long, long time ago.

Please don’t forget to let me know if I can do something as simple to send you a smile. You do deserve it, no matter what anybody says, and you also deserve to be acknowledged. When you have family members who are so cruel and refuse to give you a few minutes of their time to send you a birthday card, it’s like denying your very existance and sends several extremely strong messages that you can’t overlook; ‘I don’t love you, you’re not worth my time, effort or energy and I have better things to do with my life that is more important to me than you.’ And don’t even text me a happy anything. You call your mother and that’s it. No excuses unless you’re having your last rites read to you. That is so incredibly disrespectful, hateful and rude. I don’t get how anybody could do that to a family member. It’s so crazy that I can’t wrap my brain around it is what it really boils down to. I see this and it’s like WHOA!

When I was a kid growing up, you just didn’t do that, ever. You didn’t even think about it. Being a “bad” kid was a brain drain on ways to con your parents into believing that you actually ate the liver and onions after the dog threw it up everywhere and you’re just grateful that it wasn’t you barfing as you’re cleaning up the dog vomit listening to the lecture about starving children all over the world, praying to God that what’s cold and left on your plate the evil old parental units didn’t force you to finish the liver and onions. At the risk of sounding like a snowflake, I almost need a safe space after recalling that tragedy.

So, let’s get to my video that I’m so proud of, shall we?

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s card and video. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit me today and God bless! Please come back soon and don’t forget to hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE at my You Tube Channel.

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Crumb Cake 1/2" Seam Binding Ribbon

Crumb Cake 1/2″ Seam Binding Ribbon

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