Clean & Simple Tuesday + Swirly Bird Friendship Card

CASTuesRotatingBannerHello there my friends and welcome back to another Cindy B Designs Clean & Simple Tuesday Series card. 

I apologize for not updating my blog to list the new catalog, new affiliates and other resources I wanted to get up. I'm hoping to do that by the end of the week. It's been busy, network security breach and dealing with the authorities, still trying to organize my craft room, working on Product Shares, making a July Kit of the Month for you, etc. 

I shamelessly CASE'd this card from Pam Staples/Sunny Girl Scraps, down to the last color. The second I saw it, I knew I had to make it. It's just so fun and the colors are awesome using two of the new In Colors of Dapper Denim and Peekaboo Peach. Pam took the time to cut up little teeny tiny pieces of foam tape to give dimension to the Hello Thinlit. I cut one piece and thought, "Forget this." I still have the right hand and wrist problems from my stroke almost 2 years ago. That actually originates from the nerves in my shoulder. Having 2 torn rotator cuffs doesn't help either. I should have adhered the Hello to a piece of fun foam, die-cut and adhere to the card front, but I think it still looks nice. Pam is an amazing cardmaker and scrapbooker. I've always admired her work.

The new Swirly Bird stamp set was used to make the boat and it's 4 different stamps that you can put together. It's one of those super versatile stamp sets that you can do anything with and make all sorts of cool things. For the "friend" sentiment, I used Thoughtful Banners. This is a fabulous stamp set with 53 stamps of single words that you can put together and coordinates with 2 punches. You can't go wrong with either stamp set and they are good investments. You can purchase both as a bundle from my list of supplies below. All you do is click on what you like and it will take you directly to my online Stampin' Up! store. Since the dies are delicate, I did use a piece of wax paper to help the card stock release from the die. There is a special cutting plate to use for the delicate dies. I just knew where my wax paper was 🙂 

Thank you so very much for stopping by to visit me today. I will have another card or two for you tomorrow later in the day. Don't forget to enter my June Challenge! This closes on June 31, so you have plenty of time. Aussie Annie entered a beautiful card using my absolute favorite stamp of Marcella's with the tulips in the vase. Tulips are my favorite flower. I also love calla lilies and snap dragons. Lavender is my favorite plant. I remember at my old farmhouse in upstate New York that I planted giant lavender plants under every window so that when you opened the window with a breeze, you would smell the lavender. I also had this ginormous iris bulb and I swear that thing weighed 5-6 pounds since it was busting out of the ground and through the railroad ties that were used for my lovely gardens. My favorite garden was the one on the side of the barn. I found this fabulous antique wagon wheel and placed it in the middle of the garden and it leaned up against the barn. In California, there's some barely decent junkin' here, but not like back east. You also have to know where to go. The only thing that I've really found of any value was a bunch of old painted wood in a pile that was "distressed" (read paint trashed) and I actually built this extremely cool hutch with it. I will put it up on Instagram for you to check it out. I do not miss the winters there. I actually started to believe in the groundhog and he never saw his shadow. I was so upset because it was always more than 6 weeks. I lived between Lakes Erie and Ontario. Lake Erie is bigger but more shallow so it freezes first and you get nailed with a serious snowstorm that will keep you off the roads for a week in January. Lake Ontario is smaller but deeper so it would freeze in March and OMG we would get so nailed. I can boldly say in March because after 15 years of living there, it happened every. single. year. Now I'm such a weather weenie that if it goes below 70, I'm in sweats. I LOVED living in Kentucky. I love humidity. No. I'm not crazy. Humidity is THE BEST thing in the universe for your skin. California, especially where I live, is so desert dry. It's horrible. It's funny when the humidity is at 20% and people are complaining about how humid it is and they're clueless. I would always laugh and tell them, "You don't know what humidity is. It's when your hair doesn't dry for 5 months and you walk outside and your glasses fog up and you can't breathe. That's humidity!" I will admit we do get rare humid days that I can actually pick up on, but I do mean rare. I talked to a GF yesterday who lives down south and it was 110% humid and she was so excited for today because it was going down to 40% and that's what I had yesterday and reaffirmed her humid break for her. She called me this morning and was so happy that she took the day off of work! You get used to it and after living with it for 20 years, I have never appreciated the value of humidity until now, especially at 52. Now I just drink a gallon of water a day and that's my faux humidity. It works.

So here's my card (and Pam's), finally. I hope you have a great day and God bless!


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