Papertrey Ink Stamp & Die-Cut Storage Video – Revised to List Die Storage


Hi friends. Yes, this is my video, Yes, I feel it is the BEST storage system out there how I've chosen to use my Papertery Ink, stamps, ink, paper, die-cuts, and everything else. And it will also work for you in a very cost effective manner too. 

We've all tried so many ways to store our stamps and die-cuts over the yeas with all of them ultimately failing which = more money down the drain. I've found a very cost effective solution to get your stamp pockets and how to get your paper cut down. Another thing I also type on my labels are other stamp sets and dies that they might coordinative with. I'm way past the notebook stage that I have to keep up with months and Lord only knows how long I've been bugging PTI for a catalog. All of this is explained in the video, but I purchase my stamp pockets from Avery Elle or Amazon only, and get a ream of Georgia Pacific thick card stock, then take it over to Office Max and have them cut it down to the exact size that I was. This all takes about 3 days and well worth it. 

I am currently logging into my account at R&R Vinyl to get you the sizes of plastic die-cut holders that I use. I hope you have enjoyed this video and that it really helps you organize your Papertrey Ink stamps, border die-cuts and Cover Plates.

As requested, here are the pictures and sizes that I use for my Papertrey Ink die-cut storage. It's photo heavy, but this way, you get the numbers of the stock item and exactly what I use them for. I have 4 different sizes broken down into:

1.  Small dies, such as the die-cut for Ad Sense and other small dies, such as Bitty Halloween Treats & Sweets.

2.  Medium dies, such as the die-cuts for Apple Prints and Limitless Layers.

3.  A long sleeve for my border die-cuts.

4.  Large pockets for my Cover Plates, Banner Borders, Alphabets and Embossing Plates.

5.  One more size not listed above is an 8-1/2 x 11 opening at the side pocket that I store Berry Basket and the large Favor-It box die-cuts.

R&R has recently changed the look of their website and I could not find a place to log in to check my last order, but I will call later today. All of the products are found under the Office section. Each number that you see on the cardboard is the number that you order under. You do have to order in bulk and I will tell you that your first order will be an investment, but one you won't regret. I've used this system for at least 8 years now and it's perfect. The pockets are very sturdy, much like the Essentials by Ellen packaging, if not a little thicker. These pockets last. I have never ripped one. I think you will be very happy with this system and it's extremely easy to store and saves space. I like to store mine in Longaberger baskets as they seem to fit the die pockets perfect. I use a bread basket for the small and medium size, a mini market basket for the border dies and a box I purchased from Lowe's (as shown on the video) for the cover plates and die sets with a lot of large dies. The last size I mentioned is in the front of my vintage locker basket at it is 8-1/2 x 11 and I have other paper stored there too. My dies are in a drawer right next to me so I do not have to get up and hunt for them. However, making this video has spurred me to get about 6 months of dies into their pockets!

One thing I've found very helpful is during a PTI Countdown, when dies are introduced that you know you are going to purchase, go ahead and print out your label for your pocket and store them in a baggie. When you get your dies a few weeks later, you can simply take the backing off and put them in their pocket. I do not put my labels on first as you never really know what size pocket you will need. If it's a one die Easter Egg or something like that, it's a no-brainer, but usually, I wait. For die-cut series, such as Fruit Fusion, I will usually put all of those dies into a medium pocket since they are not that big and easily distinguishable from the rest. Other than that, I do not like to mix and match, i.e., the Love Lives Here series and others like it. Too many small dies to each set. It's really a personal preference. 

Now, onto the good stuff – and please excuse my horrible lighting.

DSCN0059 DSCN0060 DSCN0061 DSCN0062 DSCN0063

Philippians 3:13-14.


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  1. Wonderful tips….thank you so much for sharing!

  2. When I switched over to pockets, I sliced the PTI label on the CD and peeled it off carefully. I was very surprised but most of them restick without a problem.  Thanks for the video!

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