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Hi friends. This is a new series on my blog where I will do product reviews for you that I have personally tried and will share with you my experience. 

Today I am reviewing the new Memento Luxe Ink. I love this ink and you will too. 

Memento Luxe Ink Picture

The Luxe ink colors are the same as the regular Memento colors but the formulation is different as the Luxe is made more for Mixed Media and is pigment, but look how wonderful the coverage is on any kind of stamp! Ah-mazing. The cost is the same too as the regular Memento inks, that are dye-based. Total bonus. Clean up was super easy. Regular stamp cleaner removed the ink from the stamp and a simple baby wipe removed the ink from my Stamp-a-ma-jig image sheet and my Fiskars Stamp Press. When I use regular Memento inks, I have to take my image sheet over to the sink and use soap and water to remove the image. Cleaning of the stamp is about the same. The Dew Drop size is not available (as these inks are brand new) and markers for Luxe would be a crafter's dream!

If you're looking for the new Memento Luxe Ink, I highly recommend shopping at Crafter's Companion. If you would like to pick up regular Memento Ink, my favorite stores are Crafter's Companion or eclectic Paperie (which is more of a Mixed Media store and that's where their focus is, but I can see Kim Schofield carrying these inks in the very near future; not to mention their low price point for all of their products. Their price is 75 cents less than other online stores. With 24 colors, it adds up. I hope you enjoyed this video!

Of course, my videos never turn out as planned. Even worse, I am cameraless since my cords broke to upload and my iPhone pictures are terrible. You will see everything, including side-by-side comparisons, in the video. Thanks for watching!




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  1. This is great to know! I've been hearing about this new ink, but have never tried it.  Glad to know it's worth the money!  

    Thanks for the tut….you may not be happy with it, but it's still very helpful!

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